Street-level crimes

Crimes at street-level; either within a 1 mile radius of a single point, or within a custom area.

The street-level crimes returned in the API are only an approximation of where the actual crimes occurred, they are not the exact locations. See the about page for more information about location anonymisation.

If you're allowing users to search for locations in Scotland, please make it clear that, since only the British Transport Police provide data for Scotland, crime levels may appear much lower than they really are.

Request parameters

Specific point

lat Latitude of the requested crime area
lng Longitude of the requested crime area
date Optional. (YYYY-MM) Limit results to a specific month.
The latest month will be shown by default

Custom area

poly The lat/lng pairs which define the boundary of the custom area
date Optional. (YYYY-MM) Limit results to a specific month.
The latest month will be shown by default

If a custom area contains more than 10,000 crimes, the API will return a 503 status code.

The poly parameter is formatted in lat/lng pairs, separated by colons:


The first and last coordinates need not be the same — they will be joined by a straight line once the request is made.

The API will return a 400 status code in response to a GET request longer than 4094 characters. For submitting particularly complex poly parameters, consider using POST instead.

Crime category

You can provide any crime category as part of the request URL. In the examples below, we use all-crime.

Example request

Specific point

Custom area,0.543:52.794,0.238:52.130,0.478&date=2017-01

Example response

        "category": "anti-social-behaviour",
        "location_type": "Force",
        "location": {
            "latitude": "52.640961",
            "street": {
                "id": 884343,
                "name": "On or near Wharf Street North"
            "longitude": "-1.126371"
        "context": "",
        "outcome_status": null,
        "persistent_id": "",
        "id": 54164419,
        "location_subtype": "",
        "month": "2017-01"
        "category": "anti-social-behaviour",
        "location_type": "Force",
        "location": {
            "latitude": "52.633888",
            "street": {
                "id": 883425,
                "name": "On or near Peacock Lane"
            "longitude": "-1.138924"
        "context": "",
        "outcome_status": null,
        "persistent_id": "",
        "id": 54165316,
        "location_subtype": "",
        "month": "2017-01"

Response description

Tag Description
category Category of the crime
persistent_id 64-character unique identifier for that crime. (This is different to the existing 'id' attribute, which is not guaranteed to always stay the same for each crime.)
month Month of the crime
location Approximate location of the incident
latitude Latitude
street The approximate street the crime occurred
id Unique identifier for the street
name Name of the location.
This is only an approximation of where the crime happened
longitude Longitude
context Extra information about the crime (if applicable)
id ID of the crime.
This ID only relates to the API, it is NOT a police identifier
location_type The type of the location. Either Force or BTP: Force indicates a normal police force location; BTP indicates a British Transport Police location. BTP locations fall within normal police force boundaries.
location_subtype For BTP locations, the type of location at which this crime was recorded.
outcome_status The category and date of the latest recorded outcome for the crime
category Category of the outcome
The full category name is returned
IMPORTANT NOTE: This element may not be present for all crimes

Code Name
awaiting-court-result Awaiting court outcome
court-result-unavailable Court result unavailable
unable-to-proceed Court case unable to proceed
local-resolution Local resolution
no-further-action Investigation complete; no suspect identified
deprived-of-property Offender deprived of property
fined Offender fined
absolute-discharge Offender given absolute discharge
cautioned Offender given a caution
drugs-possession-warning Offender given a drugs possession warning
penalty-notice-issued Offender given a penalty notice
community-penalty Offender given community sentence
conditional-discharge Offender given conditional discharge
suspended-sentence Offender given suspended prison sentence
imprisoned Offender sent to prison
other-court-disposal Offender otherwise dealt with
compensation Offender ordered to pay compensation
sentenced-in-another-case Suspect charged as part of another case
charged Suspect charged
not-guilty Defendant found not guilty
sent-to-crown-court Defendant sent to Crown Court
unable-to-prosecute Unable to prosecute suspect
formal-action-not-in-public-interest Formal action is not in the public interest
action-taken-by-another-organisation Action to be taken by another organisation
further-investigation-not-in-public-interest Further investigation is not in the public interest
further-action-not-in-public-interest Further action is not in the public interest
under-investigation Under investigation
status-update-unavailable Status update unavailable
date Date of the outcome