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        "bio": "Roger joined Lincolnshire Police in 1988 having attended Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Gainsborough and then working in retail management in London. He progressed through the ranks both in uniformed operations and criminal investigation roles, particularly enjoying his experience as a detective. He has a degree in Policing Studies.\nRoger describes his two proudest career moments as being commended as a Detective Sergeant for detecting a knife-point stranger kidnap and sex attack on a young schoolgirl and then ten years later, as the Head of CID, being commended over a four-year long global child protection investigation.\nIn October 2010 Roger took up the role as temporary Assistant Chief Constable (Protective Services) in Lincolnshire Police and in March 2012 graduated from the Strategic Command Course.\nHe was appointed as Leicestershire Police’s Assistant Chief Constable (Crime) in June 2013.\nRoger is married and has six year old twin boys. His many hobbies include mountaineering (which has included trips to Scotland, the Alps and the Himalayas) skiing, running and open water swimming.",
        "contact_details": {
            "twitter": ""
        "name": "Roger Bannister",
        "rank": "Assistant Chief Officer (Crime)"

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